Exhibitions and Publications

1953 – 2007

Individual Shows

1962 A City and Its People
Herbert Art Gallery and Museum
1965 Review of work 1960 to 1965
Umbrella Art Centre, Coventry
1966 Coventry Cathedral in Colour
Kodak Gallery London
1973 Photo Sculptures Collages and Nudes
Photographers Gallery London
1973 Landscapes and Other Views
Midland Group Gallery, Nottingham
1976 Photographs 1954 to 1975
Warwick Gallery, Warwick
1979 An Englishman’s Home
East Midlands Arts touring exhibition
1980 Retrospective Views
Stafford Art Gallery Stafford
1981 Sequences and Other Views
Triangle Gallery, Birmingham
1982 Sequences 1978 to 1981
University of Warwick Library Gallery, Coventry
1987 25 years of the Belgrade Theatre
University of Warwick, Library Gallery and the Belgrade Theatre Coventry
1992 Retrospective 1950 to 1990
Derby Museum and Art Gallery, Derby
1992 Coventry Cathedral 30th anniversary show
Colab Gallery, Coventry
1994 Retrospective 1950 to 1990
University of Plymouth Gallery, Plymouth
1994 Portraits 1950 to 1990
Picture House Gallery, Leicester
1994 - 1995 Portraits 1950 to 1994
Birmingham Central Library Gallery, Birmingham
1995 Portraits 1950 to 1995
The Wood’s Gallery Leicester
1996 Rebuilding the Homefront
Photographs by Bill Brandt c. 1939 to 1943, printed by Richard Sadler
Birmingham Central Library, Birmingham
1997 Looking at me, looking at you
25 colour images honouring the world of the true individual
Herefordshire Photographic Festival
1999 60s and 70s People
University of Warwick Library Gallery, Coventry
2007 Curiosity
The University of Derby

Group shows

1967 Two Photographers
John Blakemore and Richard Sadler
Belgrade Theatre Coventry
1969 Invitation Panels
Work of John Blakemore and Richard Sadler
22nd Camberley Salon of Photography, Camberley
1971 Those Who Can Do
The photographic teaching staff at Derby College of Art Diploma in Photography
Museum and Art Gallery in Derby
1972 Invitation Panel of Work
with John Blakemore.
Repton Arts Festival Repton School Derbyshire
1972 Blakemore – Eddington – Sadler
Midland Group gallery, Nottingham
1973 Photography into Art
Arts Council International Invitation exhibition Camden Art Centre London
1974 New Photography
Midland Group Gallery Nottingham
1975 Paintings – Boyd and Evans; Drawings – Trevor Bent; Photographs – Richard Sadler
Midland Group Gallery, Nottingham
1976 Sequences
Bruce Morton and Richard Sadler
Saint Michael’s Gallery, Derby
1977 Gardens of Delight
East Midlands Arts touring exhibition Loughborough and various venues throughout the region
1980 Contemporary British Photography
The Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney.
1981 Half a Dozen Photographers
David Buss, Brian Griffin, John Hodgett, David Knight, David Pitt and Richard Sadler
Wolverhampton Polytechnic Gallery, Wolverhampton
1982 Half a Dozen Photographers
Exhibition and discussion forum
Icon Gallery, Birmingham
1984 Martin Robert’s Memorial Exhibition
West Surrey College of Art & Design, Farnham
1987 Earlsdon Take Two
Photographs by Richard Sadler and drawings by Nancy Upshall
Herbert Art Gallery, Coventry
1991 Freedom in Imagination
Amnesty International
the Gallery at Lanchester Polytechnic, Coventry
1991 Manner
Ausstellung, Osnabruck Art Gallery, Osnabruck, Bonn and other cities in West Germany
1992 Contemporary Group Exhibition
RPS Gallery, The Octagon Gallery, Bath
1992 Beyond the Portrait
Derby Photographic Festival, Derby
1993 John Kobal Portrait Awards
Angela Flowers Gallery, Soho, London
1993 Pictures for Freedom
ANC exhibition and auction, Photographers Gallery London


1953 Photography Year Book
included in Young Britain section, editor Norman Hall
1958 Gallery One
article: Some Pictures that Matter, editor Norman Hall
1958 - 1964 Photoguide magazine
various articles on photographic topics both illustrated and written
1964 The British Journal of Photography
1960 - 1967 Various English Counties Publications
including The Warwickshire and Worcestershire Journal
1966 Coventry Cathedral (Hodder & Stoughton)
joint author responsible for all the illustrations
1971 British Journal of Photography 31st of December
article: Those Who Can Do exhibition review
1972 Industrial & Commercial Photography
1973 Photo News
1973 Artefact
1974 Coventry Old & New (EP Publishing)
joint author responsible for all the contemporary views of Coventry
1974 Laurels Arts Magazine
1974 Amateur Photographer November Issue
article: Is there a New Landscape School?
1975 Fotograffe
Norwegian photographic magazine feature on the work of Richard Sadler
1979 10–8 magazine, autumn 1969 issue
article: Landscapes, review of landscapes work to that date
1984 British Journal of Photography
illustrated article on the Arles photographic festival of July 1984
1987 British Journal of Photography
article: Saddled to Education by William Bishop writing on work of Richard Sadler
1992 Retrospective 1950 to 1990
catalogue including review by John Blakemore
1992 The Photographer
critical review of retrospective exhibition by Kilpatrick
1993 Contemporary Photography magazine RPS
article: Bill Brandt photographs 1904 to 1983
1994 Inscape issue number 10
article: The Problems of Portraiture
1995 Inscape issue number 13
article: The Tim Gidal Exhibition
1995 RPS Journal
article: Tim Gidal Photographer
2004 Homes Fit For Heroes
book featuring unknown work of Bill Brandt - joint author with Peter James from Birmingham Reference Library
2007 Curiosity (University of Derby Publication)


1978 West Midlands Association Photographic Collection
1981 Ansel Adams Archive, Centre for Creative Photography
Tucson, Arizona USA
1978 Herbert Art Gallery and Museum
1989 National Museum of Film and Photography collection
1994 The Stone Photographic Collection, Birmingham Reference Library
1995 Photographic Collection, V&A Museum