Richard Sadler


Clown (Bertram Mills Circus) – Coventry, 1950s
Brant, Weston and Adams portrait
Clowns (Bertram Mills Circus)– Coventry, 1950s
Coventry Cathedral – 1950s
Dew Drop Inn – Coventry, 1950s
Freddie ‘Parrott-face’ Davies – Coventry, 1960s
George Melly – Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, 1970s
Gypsy boy – Coventry, 1950s
Jenson Interceptor – Coventry, 1960s
Shoe shine man – London, 1950s
Ludo boy – Coventry, 1950s
Percy Huckster (Bertam Mills Circus) – Coventry, 1950s
Ravi Shanker
Round Table rumage sale – Coventry, 1950s
Round Table rumage sale – Coventry, 1950s
Miss World at Trumph car factory – Coventry, 1960s
Stonehenge, 1960s
Train driver – 1950s
View from south tower – Derby, 1980s
Weegee – Owen Owens, Coventry, 1950s
The consecration of Coventry Cathedral with the Queen and Bishop Bardsley – 1962
From Behind The Green Door – 1980s